A guy is not worth holding onto if letting go of you is so easy for him to do…. Know your worth. #thoughtsfortheday #reflection #relationships #breakups #respectyourself #knowyourworth

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You don’t go back to high school after it ended and start taking freshman classes again just to keep in touch. You’ve moved on to a new part of your life. If you get fired from a job, you don’t go back and do some shifts just for fun to help your boss out. It’s over. You step forward into the next adventure that awaits. Have the courage to make a clean break. If you keep picking at the wound, it won’t heal as effectively and will keep re-opening. Be done with this and keep moving. Great thoughts on breakups from Andrew WK. @ (via emilyvgordon)
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Unrequited Love

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Ruins more than just a day sometimes..

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